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August 24, 2022

The Defense Department is hard at work on developing a new generation of aviation systems that put enemy air forces to shame. Programs like the Army’s Future Vertical Lift and Air Force’s Next-Gen Air Dominance aim to invigorate U.S. air defenses and strike capabilities by incorporating new additive manufacturing techniques and mission systems that can deliver improved stealth, speed, and system evolutions to a degree not seen before. In this C4ISRNET webcast, we looked at how the DoD is paving the way to air dominance for the new generation, and how they plan to address obstacles standing in the way of success.

Guest Speakers:

MG Walter Rugen, 
Director, Future Vertical Lift, 
Cross-Functional Team, 
Army Futures Command

Colleen Tomasello, 

Product Development Manager, Aerospace and Defense, 
Carpenter Technology