Enterprise as a Service:

A Cure for Generalist IT

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Webcast Overview:
On January 29, Pat Flanders spoke with us about Enterprise as a Service, during a live webcast.

Across the services, a new trend is emerging: Enterprise as a Service. Whereas the branches of the military previously sought to develop and manage information technology solutions internally, now, they are looking to industry-owned, industry operated equipment and services. As of January 2018, the Air Force has an IT company handling it’s day-to-day enterprise computing tasks, such as base infrastructure and email service, as part of an internal reorganization and realignment. The Army too is employing EaaS as a means to quickly revamp its network.
The result, these military officials hope, will be an integrated system that leverages cloud computing to offer global access and the flexibility to collaborate with partners to drive progress in IT efficiently and effectively. It will also lead to better using staff and improving expertise. 

This webcast looked at ongoing programs currently in place among the various branches and provided insight on benefits, best practices and future goals associated with EaaS.

Guest Speaker:
Pat Flanders
Chief Information Officer (CIO) and a Deputy Assistant Director
Defense Health Agency (DHA)

Mike Gruss