Electronic Warfare Cyber Convergence


The emphasis on electronic warfare has reemerged in recent years as Russia has more prominently displayed their own investment and prowess in the realm. The precarious relationship between the U.S. and the Kremlin has military officials concerned enough that one top official even recommended giving the electromagnetic spectrum, where EW takes place, similar classification as cyber.

This E-book will allow readers access to the many perspectives and issues that comprise today’s state of EW. Whether it’s policy, current events, the latest developments, or what top DoD leadership is saying, this E-book provides a comprehensive guide to modern EW and the concerns and effects that surround its reemergence in warfare today and in the future. With such complex issues at hand, readers of this E-book will be armed with an exclusive and thorough understanding of EW – a must-have for anyone in the defense community today.

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