DISA Vision & Contract Guide 2018

The DISA Forecast to Industry Day and 2018 Priorities E-book includes:

  • The ebook serves as a vehicle for DISA to tell its stories while informing readers and stakeholders of current priorities, events and programs at the agency, and where leadership plans to take DISA in the coming months and years.
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Electronic Warfare Cyber Convergence

The emphasis on electronic warfare has reemerged in recent years as Russia has more prominently displayed their own investment and prowess in the realm. The precarious relationship between the U.S. and the Kremlin has military officials concerned enough that one top official even recommended giving the electromagnetic spectrum, where EW takes place, similar classification as cyber.

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Using Networks for Physical Security

Department of Defense networks play a key role in modern warfighting, but they are often overlooked for the critical tasks they perform in keeping warfighters safe. DoD leaders are increasingly looking to new technologies to bolster the physical security of military assets and bases. This means controlling who comes in and out, better tracking nearby vehicles and helping create a stronger understanding of the region where troops are deployed. While in the past, security has been characterized as a task of brawn and obstruction, the Pentagon is looking for savvier, modern solutions and for ways to best take advantage of the networks and streams of data that already exist.

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C4ISRNET Conference 2018 Recap

C4ISRNET presents a recap of the 2018 C4ISRNET Conference.  Coverage includes exclusive keynote speakers, panel coverage, and behind the scenes interviews.

Download for the latest news, trends, and updates in C4ISR & Networks.

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Electronic Warfare: The State of Play

In this E-Book, we have compiled articles that shed light on where the Department of Defense is headed.  They include pieces that explain:

  • How the Marine Corps wanted to protect F/A-18 Hornets from GPS jamming
  • What improvements Congress wants the Pentagon to make
  • How software, not hardware, may be where the future of electronic warfare lies
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Cloud 2020

As the Department of Defense deepens its investment in the cloud and increasingly relies on the technology to power future innovation, the cloud becomes a concept that requires stronger understanding.

In this E-Book we explain how the Pentagon hopes to use the cloud in the next few years and how it will change day-to-day operations.

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